Heydouga 4198-PPV003 Meat Toilet Seisakusho Slave Doll Hitomi Metamorphose Slave Doll Hitomi Training 001

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High school teacher Hitomi is a very ordinary woman … Hitomi who passed the examination for the first time in the slave recruitment examination … This woman who was inexperienced suddenly fell into the world of BDSM … become a prisoner of mortality and pleasure … a masochistic masochist It became an organism. 【Scene Items】 ■ In the park toilet, take off the underwear that you wore the night before the day before the game → Lucky string syrup → Push the undergarment into hairless Ma · C forcibly. ■ Nopan net tights appearance … shuddy drive with passenger’s seat restrained legs and gag balls. ■ Bondage Standing Hanging (Rip Row, Whip, Electric) ■ Chair restraint torture (EMS porchio, uterine punishment locking with electric gang, whipping, blowjob … abdominal trampling passed) ■ Piston machine from the back … turning over. ■ Vaginal interior close-up with an opening device … Massive milky juice

高校教師ひとみは、ごく普通のどこにでもいる女…前回の奴隷採用試験で取りあえず合格したひとみ…中逝き未経験だったこの女は、既にBDSMの世界に堕ち…被虐と快楽の虜となり…逝き狂うマゾ生物となった。 【シーン項目】■公園トイレで、一昨日の夜から履き続けた下着を脱ぐ→糸を引く淫汁→その下着を無毛のマ○コに強引に食い込ませる。 ■ノーパン網タイツ姿…助手席で開脚拘束&ギャグボールで羞恥ドライブ。 ■緊縛立ち吊りでの責め(股縄、鞭、電マ) ■椅子拘束責め(EMSポルチオ、電マ固定で子宮責め、鞭打ち、フェラ…腹部踏みつけ逝き) ■バックからのピストンマシン…逝き捲り。 ■開口器での膣内部接写…大量白濁汁