ARMG-287 Hey, In Our Day, We Didn’t Have A School Like This! Girls These Days Are So Sexy! It’s Like A Fucking Harlem! (And That Pisses Me Off)

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ARMG-287 This work will be a compilation BEST edition that reconstructed the work that has been released in the past] 225 minutes to rise single-mindedly with Waiwai. Cast Female Students Total 25 People! Pichi Pichi’s Schoolgirls Are Watering Men One After Another! Men who live erotic lying school life like Harlem even though they are not happy. What’s going on? Has the DNA changed in the recent Musume? Keshikaran at all! What do you think of school? Mr. Xu! (I’ll forgive you if you let me enroll.)

Release Date:Oct. 20, 2019
Runtime:225min.  (HD: 225min.)
Studio:Aroma Planning
Label:AROMA G-18

Content ID:armg00287